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Who are Lorisian & What do they do?

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Lorisian, one of the industry leading bodies in offering food intolerance tests and in addition; diabetes, liver and homocysteine (a common amino acid linked to heart disease) tests.

Food intolerance is defined by Lorisian as a food specific reaction which causes a myriad of symptoms including bloating, migraines, weight gain and skin problems. To learn more, click here

Forming in 1982 under their parent entity YorkTest, they have been carrying out extensive research to bring you one of the most renowned food intolerance tests the market has to offer and continues to offer support to all of those that suffer from food intolerances.

Lorisian operates in various sectors to provide a solution for optimising all of their client’s diets and lifestyles while educating them on the factors which can have a staggering effect on our mental and physical well-being. Our partnership aims to bring this to you where you can receive professional advice from our practitioners to ensure you stay fit and healthy while still being able to enjoy yourself.

Check out Lorisian's case studies here.

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