The current situation has meant that in order to keep everyone we care for safe, we’ve had to close until further notice. Our commitment to safeguarding health never stops and our passion will continue, even in this current climate. The advice from the clinic is to remain positive and to see this time as an opportunity to build relationships, take care of physical and mental health and tell those close to us we love them. One thing we do know is life’s is full of ups and downs and that collectively we will overcome this and grow stronger. While the clinic may be shut, our hearts our always remain open and we’re always here for a conversation. What we must be cautious of, is not to let these emotional, stressful and unfamiliar times break down our focus. Remaining nutritionally and emotionally healthy is essential in beating this virus. Science has shown us that nutritionally complete diets alongside a healthy and active lifestyle greatly improves our chances of success, so make sure you’re consuming the right foods and doing the crucial excises to maintain and protect our health.


  1. Positive thinking

  2. Personal development

  3. Exercising 

  4. Reading


  1. Whole foods
  2. Micro & Micronutrients 
  3. Thoughful carbohydrates 
  4. Fruit & fibre


  1. Limit alcoholic consumption 

  2. Cut back on sugar intake

  3. 10,000 Steps daily 


  1. BTB - Gentle bowel cleanser

  2. Regulate - Bowel cleanser

  3. (Acidophilus) Gut Flora - Supports imune system

  4. Natural vitamin

  5. Dietary fibre complex

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