Colonic Hydrotherapy

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The Natural Detoxifier

The journey for a healthy body has been complicated over the last decade and many companies are looking to sell you quick fixes. Internal health starts at the colon. When the digestive systems is operating sluggishly and slowly, individuals start to experience a variety of health issues.

​Food is your body’s source of fuel. In today’s society consumption of ultra-processed foods have increased exponentially. These foods are crammed full of toxins, additives, colourings and other unnecessary substances. This combined with inadequate hydration and increased stress decreases the body’s natural ability to eliminate waste efficiently.

Rather than spending unnecessary amounts on supplements that promise a quick fix let’s examine a natural solution that has helped millions worldwide. Colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation is a process of removing faecal material from the colon walls, diluting the bacteria and toxic concentrations from the large intestine.

There are many benefits associated with colonic-hydrotherapy Therapeutic effects are improved muscle tone in the colon which leads to peristaltic action, contributing to the body’s ability to eliminate waste efficiently. Colonic hydrotherapy helps to re-hydrate the bowel and may enhance the absorption of nutrients whilst minimising the absorption of toxic waste material.

Research has suggested that colonic hydrotherapy has improved a number of other conditions such as:

  • headaches

  • Skin problems

  • ME

  • Fatigue

  • Depression 

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