About Us

InnerHealth & OuterBeauty is a family run business that is situated is the heart of Maidstone, Kent. For the past 15 years the business has successfully changed the life’s of countless couples and individuals. By adopting an holistic approach, we are able to provide suitable treatments to address both  health, wellness and beauty goals. The magical process is to help create personalised treatments and life-style plans to promote each individuals natural inner health & well-being. With an extensive range of treatments to choose from, we ensure our clients leave feeling fresh, up-beat and revitalised. Treating clients like friends and family ensures we develop unbreakable relationships that last a life time. The atmosphere inside the clinic is friendly, relaxed and cosy, meaning all customers feel safe and welcome.

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48 Church Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1DS

01622 692288

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